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He Fuck His Mom

Incest Blog about naughty mom seducing her own son

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October 05 2008
Posted by sexybitch  [ 16:29 ]
Hot Incest Sex She was sorting her own underwear. My teen eyes bounced from her cleavage to her pile of colorful panties, and a couple of HUGE empty bras of various pastels. They seemed gigantic to me, lying there on the couch in front of her with the cups flattened out, but then I looked at her tits and I could see that she had plenty to fill those cups with. I know that she was a working single mom and had precious little time for housekeeping. Yet it seemed a little odd to me that she would so often have her underwear out on display when she knew that several teenaged males were coming over.

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Posted by sexybitch  [ 16:25 ]
he was a good son until he turned 18... She turned her son again, and this time she guided him between her legs. As his shaft penetrated, she felt a surge of energy. Her son felt wonderful. Thick, hard filling, he slid in without a problem, fitting her better than she thought possible. As he stroked, she pushed back, her hands kneading her back. Wonderful. She loved how her son did this. Strong, deep, powerful, yes, she loved it >>>

son and dad
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Posted by sexybitch  [ 16:23 ]
His mom gives him her passion Mom pushed past his boxers and found his penis. Yes, it was much like his father's. She wondered if she could make it hard. She stroked him, lightly, the way she knew his father liked it. She stroked a bit more, and she was rewarded. She rubbed a bit harder and squeezed, pulling it down his thigh and toward her. God, son's dick was filling rapidly, getting hard in her hand >>>

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Posted by sexybitch  [ 16:21 ]
there was a guy in the college, he fucks his own mom You've probably heard the saying "tied to mother's apron strings" which is used to describe someone who is used to his mother's care and cannot do anything without his mother. Try to imagine what happens if mom doesn't want to untie her "apron strings" and let her son go his own way even though the son is grown up >>>

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